Monday, August 7, 2017


HardWired News Offers Satire, Humor, Parody

Canniche Cove Publishing LLC and John Bascom have announced the publication of a new political satire blog, HardWired News (  Bascom said the blog was intended to fill a space between pure humor and more serious political websites.

“It’s a cross between the approach taken with, say, political cartoons on the editorial pages of daily newspapers, and pure humor sites such as The Onion, just with a decidedly political perspective,” Bascom said.  “We keep everything fresh and lighthearted, but with a serious point,” he went on.  Some of the initial pieces on the site “report” on “liberalitis” as a fictional infectious disease, and announce the construction of a “bayonet training facility for Resist activists on the UC Berkeley campus.”

While the articles use generous doses of humor, satire, and parody, they are clearly not intended to be taken literally as confirmed by numerous disclaimers throughout the site.  “It’s not fake news,” Bascom said.  “There’s no expectation people will actually believe the details of the stories, but will be rewarded with a smile and a serious point to take away.”

Canniche Cove Publishing is the imprint that published Bascom’s two works of fiction.  Caine’s Pestilence (2011) is a political satire novel while Beneath a Hunter’s Sky (2015) is a potpourri of short fiction, some stories with a satirical bent.  They were both favorably reviewed by readers and are available on Amazon.

The company said other outlets are welcome to use the content.  For more information, contact John Bascom at (989 426-8320).

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