Wednesday, July 10, 2019

HardWired News Interviews Goofy Adam Schiff

Our sister publication, the satirical blog HardWired News, has taken a tongue-in-cheek interview with goofy Representative Adam Schiff, the infamous Trump-hater.

Following the publication of The Mueller ReportHardWired News caught up with Schiff for a follow-up interview to see what he has to say now:
HWN:    Now that Trump has been exonerated by the Mueller report of collusion, do you think he should still be impeached?
Schiff:    Is the Pope Catholic?
HWN:    You always said you personally have secret absolute proof of his collusion.
Schiff:    I do.
HWN:    What is it?
Schiff:    I don’t feel like saying right now.
HWN:    And what about obstruction of justice claims, for which he was never charged?
Schiff:    He did that too.
HWN:    Didn’t he simply proclaim his innocence, and talk about taking actions, which he never did, based on frustration over a false charge of which he was cleared?
Schiff:    Well…maybe…I just don’t want to talk about that.  He should be impeached.
HWN:    Didn’t the infamous Spanish Inquisition, during which people were tortured and executed for being alleged heretics, find that people claiming their innocence and objecting to the process deserved the death penalty for simply doing that? 
Schiff:    But this is Trump.
HWN:    What do you say to those who claim that you are the goofiest looking legislator ever?
Schiff:    That’s beside the point.
HWN:    Were you bullied in high school?  And do you wet the bed?  Have you ever had a girlfriend?
Schiff:    Trump should be impeached.
Check out the full interview by clicking here

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