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John Bascom

"A wounded African lion faces-off with his tormentors just as all hell is about to break loose in "The Hundredth Lion". And in the allegorical tale, "Bear Hunt," a man comes to grips with his own natural mortality as he confronts a deadly, stalking Alaskan brown bear on Chichagof Island. These are some of the offerings in John Bascom's unique nineteen-story collection of short fiction about dangerous game hunting, fishing, adventure, and coming of age in his book, "Beneath a Hunter's Sky." Combining drama, humor, and nostalgia, Bascom pulls from his real-life experiences on safari in Zimbabwe, fishing in the Caribbean, and bear hunting in Alaska as he weaves his fictional tales with craftsmanship and emotion."

Table of Contents

Author's Note                                       v

In Africa                                              9
A hunter comes to understand the
most important things in his life as 
he faces lethal game in Botswana

Bear Hunt                                           41
The distinction between failure and
success is redefined in this allegory
of a hunter grappling with life and
death in southeastern Alaska

Undeliverable                                      69
Two hapless hunting partners see their
shared adventure very differently

Molly & Me                                          95
An alienated divorced father and
his daughter reconnect and heal
on a fishing trip to Beaver Island

Chewore Safari Journal                       115
An eleven story novella of the
author's hunting safari in the
Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe

         Renewal by the Chenje                        115
        Tsoma and the Mbada                          131
        Trial by Fire                                         137
        Joy & Mourning among the Mopanes      159  
       Whack 'em, Stack 'em, Pack 'em           177
        Bere and Mbada                                   187
        The Gray Ghost                                    195  
        The Widow-Maker                                 205
        Fear & Death above the M'Kunga           227
        The End of a Thing                               249
        A New Beginning                                  253  

The Fight of the Century                      261
A shy, scrawny young boy fights a                        
notorious tough in the 1950s and
wins closure with his father
The Hundredth Lion                            285
An arrogant client is paired with a
disapproving professional hunter
as they face a deadly lion

The Church of the Epiphany                 309
A Vietnam veteran father and his
son just returning from Afghanistan
share a legacy of wartime trauma

The Motleytown Bonefish
Extravaganza                                      327
A couple on a hastily arranged
bone fishing trip find themselves 
in an odd place with eccentric people

Beneath a Hunter's Sky, by John Bascom, is a collection of short stories about hunting, fishing, Africa, Alaska, and dangerous game.  At 348 pages, it is was ranked #1 by Amazon when released in the category of short stories.  Look for it in print and as a Kindle or Nook eBook on or Barnes&

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